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We believe optimal patient safety and patient outcomes will happen when healthcare professionals at all levels work together with patients as partners in the policy-setting, design, and delivery of healthcare; 'from the board room to the bedside'.   We appreciate and value the dedicated, hard working professionals and administrators who champion patient safety and engagement every day.  

Here we've listed patient safety, quality improvement, learning libraries, blogs, patient engagement and health literacy resources for anyone working in healthcare, across the continuum of care.

If you have suggestions for a resource not listed, please drop us an email at:

Thank you for all you do.


Busting the Myth About Engaging Patients in Patient Safety
From The Joint Commission

Diagnostic Errors in The Laboratory
From The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

Nurses Lives Are Not Negotiable
Medium Blog, Lori Nerbonne & Kathy Day, April 28, 2020



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