Patient-Family Engagement

PFAC = Patient Family Advisory Councils
PFE = Patient Family Engagement

National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety 
From the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

PFAC Leaders Guide for Diagnostic Quality & Safety 
The Insitute for Improving Diagnosis in Medicine

PFACs: Getting Started Toolkit
From the Beryl Institute

PFE in Pediatric Care
From Solutions for Patient Safety

A Guide For PFE in Hospital Quality & Safety
From the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)

Patient Family Centered Care Partners
Provides training for starting Patient-Family Advisory Councils and other PFE training programs.

Planetree Patient Engagement Tools for Providers
Planetree pioneered patient-centered care in the 1980's. They have a worldwide impact with providing evidence-based tools, training and resources. Here you'll find tools for rounding, huddles, patient preference 'passports', guides for a culture of caring for patients and staff, PFACs, and many more. 

Power of the Patient Voice
How Health Care Organizations Empower Patients & Improve Care Delivery
From The New England Journal of Medicine. Free download of this e-booklet for you/your organization.

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