Emergency Medicine

American College of Emergency Physician's (ACEP) Patient Safety Resources

The BEERS List 
Medications considered to be 'Potentially Inappropriate Medications' (PIMs) due to their side effects in older adults. Many healthcare orgs. and providers (ED and Hospitalist groups) use this list as a guide for evidence-based practices and policies around senior medication prescribing. Developed by The American Geriatric Society

Emergency Room Nurses Association Practice Resources

Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research (GEAR) Collaborative 
Nationwide collaborative dedicated to improving care of of older adults in the ED, with the goal of decreasing harm and improving outcomes. Toolkits & resources on a variety of topics including Cognitive Impairment, Falls, COVID19 and more.

Urgent Matters
From the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Strategies on ED patient flow and quality. Newsletters, educational webinars, improvement tools and strategies, national conferences, and a podcast series.

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