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Printable Patient Education Brochures 
From the American College of Surgeons.  Informative brochures on the most common procedures like appendectomy, colonoscopy, hernia repair and others. They include benefits & risks of surgery, common medications, pain control, how to prepare ahead and other topics.

Getting a Second Opinion Before Surgery
From Provides guidance on the why and how of getting a second opinion. Medicare covers second opinions for some, but not all treatment. 

Preparing for Ambulatory Surgery
From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). You will also need specific information from your surgeon and hospital.

Ten Questions To Ask Before Having Surgery
From The American College of Surgeons. Also check out their other topics about preparing for surgery on the left menu bar. 

Hospital & Outpatient Surgical Center Ratings
From the Leapfrog Group. Search by hospital name.  Includes ratings for complex adult surgery, outpatient elective surgeries, infections, and other patient safety measures. For complex adult surgery (like cardiac), they include the minimum number of surgeries a facility should do to be able to practice safely, also known as 'surgical volume'. Note: not all hospitals participate in their safety survey.

New England Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Report  
A registry of all patients who have had cardiac (heart) surgery in the five facilities listed below. You can compare surgical volume (number of surgeries each facility does), medical complication and death rates. They also have decision aids and other resources on the top menu bar. Discussing this data with your Cardiologist or Surgeon can help you make an informed decision. 

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, NH) 
University of Vermont Medical Center (Burlington, VT) 
Maine Medical Center (Portland, ME) 
Catholic Medical Center (Mancheseter, NH) 
Concord Hospital (Concord, NH)

National Thoracic (Heart & Lung) Surgery Registry
A public registry compiled by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. They use a 3-star rating system to rate hospitals across the country on surgical outcomes. It includes surgical complications & mortality (death) for specific types of cardiac, lung, and esophageal (on the esophagus) surgery. 

Surgeons Ratings

You may also want to see our Physician Reviews page to look up licensing & board certifications for your surgeon & patient reviews.

Consumer Checkbook
A paid membership site that rates doctors on their surgical outcomes, patient reviews and recognition among their peers.



Fierce Healthcare 2015 article about surgeon’s ratings websites.

FDA Safety Caution on Use of Robotic Devices for Cancer-Related Surgery,  February, 2019 


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