Medication Safety

Did you know that medications are a top safety concern of hospital pharmacists and medical professionals?  Medication prescribing and administration is a leading cause of patient safety incidents like being given the wrong medication, dose, or even an overdose,

'Polypharmacy' has also become a central safety issue for many patients, especially seniors & the elderly. Polypharmacy is the use of several drugs at the same time for one or more conditions. This article about polypharmacy  explains how  you can work together with your healthcare provider to monitor and review your medications, and decide together if they are necessary, require changes, or can be discontinued.

We hope the resources below help you find the information you need about medication safety.

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Provides patients with a unique forum to share and compare their medication experiences. Medical librarians, healthcare writers, health experts, and most importantly, patients are responsible for creating this site.

FDA's Medwatch
The Food and Drug Administration's website where you can report a medication safety issue or serious side effect.

Information for patients on medication safety with lots of great resources. Check out the medication discount card on their home page you can print and use. A program of the national nonprofit NeedyMeds.

BeMedWise Medicine Education Resources
Check this out for all kinds of vetted information to help you understand your meds and ask good questions about them.  Knowledge is power!

Consumer Med Safety
The consumer division of The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). The latest, evidence-based information on medications, alerts, side effects and safety information.
Started by a pharmacist and physician concerned about the risks associated medications in the elderly. They offer tools, guidelines, videos and research to help patients and providers participate together in stopping, reducing or changing medications. They work with research teams at the Bruyère Research Institute (Ottawa) and Université de Montréal.
Reliable info. on drug ingredients, side effects, pill identifier and interaction-checker.  The site is managed by the American Society of Health-System PharmacistsCerner Multum and IBM Watson Micromedex

They help patients have better conversations with their medical providers about  medications.  They also collect data on some of the unintended consequences of prescription medications.

Talk Before You Take
A research-based education campaign designed to encourage and improve communications between all healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients about their medicines.

U.S. Deprescribing Network Patient Resources (USDen)
Their goal is to share evidence about deprescribing medications, and how to have conversations with your medical provider about medication reviews and deprescribing.

* PLEASE NOTE: You should not stop taking your medication(s) unless it is under the advice and guidance of your physician.


 Tips & Tools 

AARP's Printable Medication & Medical Info. Sheet 
Keep a copy in your car or purse to take with you, on your fridge (in case of emergency), & give a copy to your healthcare proxy (a person you have appointed to be your medical advocate)

Blood Thinner Pills, Your Guide to Using them Safely
From the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ). 

Consumer Med Safety’s Patient Safety Tools 
Learn about high-alert medications & drug safety resources

Become an active participant in your own safe medication care!
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Patient Pocket Guides to print and take to the doctor’s office
From Talk Before You Take

Ten Questions To Ask About the Medications You Yake
A save & print sheet from Needy Meds BeMedWise campaign. 




Consumer Med Safety Financial Assistance LIstings 

Good Rx
This company helps people to save money on their prescriptions by offering discount coupons and provides comparison pricing, even if you have prescription coverage. Just enter your medication name and enter it in their search bar.  

The NH Medication Bridge Program
Helps eligible uninsured and underinsured patients obtain medications directly from the pharmaceutical companies through their Patient Assistance Programs (PAPS).

Needy Meds
NeedyMeds is a national non-profit that connects people to programs that will help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs. 

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