Our Patient Safety Partners

Be sure to read the 'About Us' pages on these websites for the moving stories of how and why these organizations were started.  Many were founded by family members or patients themelves. They work with an enduring passion to prevent medical harm from happening to others.



Betsy Lehman Center
Based in Boston, MA., a state agency that supports providers, patients and policymakers to advance the safety and quality of health care. Their peer support program helps clinicians and patients heal after incidents of healthcare harm.

Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS)
Education for consumers & healthcare professionals

The Empowered Patient Coalition
Patient safety educational materials & tools

Essure Problems
Patients harmed by the permanent birth control device called Essure

Health Watch USA
Patient safety awareness & education, prevention of medical errors & infections, and evidence-based policy 

Leah’s Legacy
Surgical anesthesia/pain medication safety & monitoring.

Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors
Medical error prevention, improvement, awareness 

Patient Safety Action Network
Patients & famlies affected by healthcare harm who want to improve our healthcare system.

Patient Safety America
Timely topics on patient safety & healthcare improvement via monthly newsletter 

Patient Safety Movement 
Bringing hospitals, tech, patient advocates, policy makers and others to achieve zero preventable patient harm. 

Peggy Lillis Foundation
C. difficile infections, healthcare infection prevention & awareness, responsible antibiotic prescribing

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
Patient safety issues & healthcare quality improvement strategies.

Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy 
Education, learning & engagement for healthcare consumers & patients

The Sepsis Alliance
Focusing on raising awareness, patient and professional education, saving lives & reducing suffering from sepsis. 

Washington Advocates for Patient Safety
Preventing healthcare harm through awareness & changing patient safety policy.

Woody Matters
Behavioral health medications, drug safety awareness & policy improvement.



These award-winning movies got their start from the stories of medical harm victims who felt they had no where else to turn but the media.  Our gratitude to the film producers and directors for telling these important stories.

Bleed Out 
A filmaker & comedian documents his mother's healthcare journey when she suffers brain damage after a routine operation. His mother's medical harm story turns into a citizen's indictment of the US healthcare system. 

The Bleeding Edge
The link is to the Time Magazine article that does an in-depth story about the movie & provides a link to the Netflix viewing platform.  The film addresses the dangers and patient harm from common medical devices and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) process for reviewing and approving the safety of these, and other devices.

To Err is Human
Produced by the son of a doctor and patient safety pioneer, Dr. John Eisenberg, this movie calls attention to the silent epidemic of medical harm and the people working inside the system to improve patient safety.

Never Events
This film is not available for national viewing yet.  Look for future announcements about future viewing options.



McCleary MRSA Prevention

A nurse blogger raising awareness for healthcare infection prevention & patient safety.

A physician blogger who covers a variety of healthcare safety issues

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