Our Work

These are committees and projects we have been or are currently involved with. In all the work we do, our priority is to bring the patient voice to the table in advocating for safe, high quality, compassionate care.  


CDC Stakeholder Group: Injection Safety Stakeholder Meeting, Best Practices for Patient Notifications, December, 2009

CDC's Healthcare Associated Infection Consumer Stakeholder Workgroup, 2010-2014

The NH Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Workgroup, 2010-2012

Partnering To Heal: Teaming Up Against Healthcare Associated Infections. This movie is available to all US hospitals & healthcare facilities to help educate staff & patients about infection prevention. Co-founder Lori Nerbonne was a video script & production comittee member for this educational film, developed by The Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Healthcare Quality, 2011.          

The New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (CEPAC), served two terms as the public/consumer voice. 2010-2012.

The Patient and Family Engagement Network, Partnership for Patients Campaign 2012 -2014.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 2012 Annual Forum, guest speaker & panel member,  Want To Engage Patients? Let's Talk.

Dartmouth Medical Students' Patient Safety Class, annual guest speaker, 2007-2013

To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly, Consumer's Union Safe Patient Project panel guest speaker, 2009. 

Preventing Infections, It Takes a Village
Guest Speaker, Southern New Hampshire Area Health Education Center (AHEC), 2013. 

Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research (GEAR) Network participant, on behalf of Patient Family Centered Care Partners (PFCC), 2020.

Leadership Advisory Group, Take Charge Campaign, Pulse of New York, Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy, 2021.


NH Patient Safety Legislation

We worked with state legislators to help draft and/or provide critical testimony for three patient safety bills passed into law:

1.  NH House Bill 1741, The Hospital Infection Reporting Law, sponsored by Rep. Martha Fuller Clark and passed June 15, 2006. The program didn't receive funding by the state legislature until 2009.

2. NH House Bill 592, The Adverse Event Reporting Law, Sponsored by Rep. Peter Batula and passed on May 13, 2009.  We drafted a proposal and provided backround research for this legislation, and submitted to Rep. Batula.  We also organized a group of patients & family members who provided compelling testimony about the long term physical, emotional and financial impacts of the harm they experienced.

3. NH House Bill 1553, The Maternal Mortality Review Panel, sponsored by Rep. Charlotte Quimby Hodes, CNM and Laurie Harding, RN, passed in June 9, 2010.

We were contacted by the co-sponsors and assisted with drafting three addendums to this bill:

  • A public member be appointed to the committee (passed)
  • The mother’s family, or next of kin be contacted to provide input in the death review process (This was not included in the final law after House & Senate amendments)
  • An annual public report be made available on the activities and outcomes of the committee (not included in final law)


In the news

News articles written about us, and letters and blog posts we have written to raise awareness about patient safety issues.

OpEd Letters & Blogs

Reporting Could Help Stop Hepatitis C
January 6, 2011, Concord Monitor

Do Expensive Buildings Improve Health Care?
March 3, 2011, Concord Monitor

Tracking Infections Helps Save Lives
October 30, 2011, Concord Monitor

Batula’s Work Will Not Be Forgotten
October 30, 2019, Concord Monitor

'Nurses Lives Aren't Negotiable
May, 2020, The Lown Institute Newsletter, Blog Post by Lori Nerbonne & Kathy Day

News Articles

Patient Advocacy Group Becomes a Non Profit
September 5, 2010, Boston.com by Kathleen McCormack

New Hampshire Releases Its First HAI Report
Infection Control Today, 2010

Safety of Hospital Stays Greatly Affected by Staff & Culture
May 12, 2011, Chicago Tribune by Judith Graham 

Patient Advocacy Group Aims to Educate
May 18, 2011, Littleton Courier by Kayti Burt






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