About Us

In 2005, after the loss of their mother from post surgical infections, complications, and a medication overdose in a hospital ICU (see Dottie's Story), two sisters, Lori Nerbonne and Kelly Grasso, went to the New Hampshire Legislative Office Building to hand out flyers about the incidence of harm and increasing costs patients were suffering from healthcare-acquired infections. They were also there to testify in support of a hospital infection reporting law. 

They soon realized they were the only patient-family voices in a very crowded room of healthcare lobbyists who were there to testify against the bill. This gradually led to a deeper understanding that important decisions about patient safety, healthcare, and skyrocketing costs were being made without the most important voices in the room; patients and families. 

New Hampshire Patient Voices' work began in 2005 and officially became a 501c3 non profit organization in 2010. In 2021, the name was changed to New England Patient Voices, as a reflection of the organization's broader reach. 

We believe every patient deserves the right to care that is safe, high quality, compassionate, and consistently includes and honors patient and family input.  

We commmit to...

Being a trusted resource for healthcare consumers, patients and families  for navigating healthcare, preparing to be a patient, and making informed decisions.

Represent and raise the voice of patients and families as stakeholders in improving the policy, delivery, safety and costs of health care.

Be a resource and participant in initiatives that are designed to improve healthcare quality.

To convince all healthcare stakeholders that making patient safety, transparency and compassion their top priorities will save lives, prevent unnecessary complications or harm, and reduce costs.  It will also build trust and strong relationships with their community. 


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