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Want to find out what we're about? Take your time looking around our site.  We want to make it easier for you to find helpful resources when faced with important healthcare decisions, concerns or patient safety issues.

Do you or a loved one have a new diagnosis or healthcare journey?  You may want to start at the Patients & Families tab on the top menu bar for health topics and then the 'Top Picks' section for more sites with trusted medical information and patient support. The Your Diagnosis page under the Patient Safety tab has more on second opinions and printable tools you can bring to your doctor's appointments.

Told you need surgery?  You may want to start by clicking the Surgery and Hospital Quality buttons above. Then check out the Patient Safety tab on the top menu bar to select from several important topics.  Considering a second opinion? Check out the Your Diagnosis page.

Need a new physician? Research their online reviews, medical certifications, professional licensing and any disciplinary actions under the Physican Reviews link above.

Have a concern about the care you received in a hospital or other setting? Under the Patient Safety tab, go to the Filing Complaints  section.

  If you are happy with the care you received, put your compliments in writing and send them to the facility CEO (Chief Executive Officer). They will be shared far & wide with staff. You can locate CEO names and facility addresses by checking these websites: 1. Your hospital  2. The state Hospital Association  3. The State Department of Public Health Facility Licensing.


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5 steps for preparing ahead to a be a patient, especially for a hospital stay.

From Med Page Today: States with Most & Least Aggressive Physician Disciplinary Actions. New Hampshire ranked next to last. 
Medical Record Access: New Federal Rule that goes into effect April 5, 2021, allows patients access to their electronic medical records, consultation notes, etc. free of charge. 

Hospital Quality Check: Kaiser Health News has posted the 2021 list of US hospitals penalized by CMS.  774 of 3204 hospitals were penalized for higher rates of preventable 'hospital acquired conditions' (HACs).  Look up hospitals in your state in the easy-to-use search bar.

New Law Requires Hospitals To Post Prices. Learn more here from The Lown Institute's Hospital Q&A videosThese are great little snippets (less than 5 minutes) for the public on a variety of 'need to know' healthcare topics! 



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